Eyelash Labo Treatment


This is a new treatment researched and developed in Japan. With the Labo Treatment, your eyelashes will become more healthy and vibrant. Think of this as a conditioner for your eyelashes like you use for your hair. Labo treatment is especially formulated for just the eyelashes. Once a month is all that’s required to maintain the treatment.


The first treatment is for blood circulation around the root of the eyelash.


The second treatment is for helping with eyelash growth.


The third treatment is for a more healthy luxorious shine.


How long did it really last?
The first time, it lasted a solid 2 months.


What is the maintenance involved?
Virtually none except for not getting them wet for the first 48 hours afterwards. I was so committed that I wore tanning goggles in the shower one night. Other than that, you are welcome to wear any mascara or use any makeup remover.


Will my lashes be too long?
There are 3 different curve sizes to form the curl. Super short or straight lashes would use the steepest curl, I got the medium and really long lashes would get a very open curl so as to not push them up to the brows.


Who shouldn’t do it?
If you cannot lay still with your eyes closed for up to an hour, this isn’t for you. I used it as an opportunity to relax but if you’re prone to panicking, you might feel helpless. I actually have anxiety myself and I was fine both times. If you’ve had LASIK eye surgery in the last 6 months, you may want to wait a bit. If you have damaged lashes as in missing gaps and breakage, you’ll want to wait until your lash health has improved first.